Orange blossom and honey comb Labneh

This Middle Eastern delicacy makes a regular appearance at our house, typically I marinate it in oil, garlic and herbs and serve on cheese boards, in place of hummus or atop shakshuka, which by the way is my favourite meal.

But I have been playing around with sweet alternatives, Orange blossom seamed like an obvious match.

Labneh is a simple way of transforming Greek yogurt into a beautiful cheese, simply pour 1 kg of good quality (gelatin free) Greek yogurt into a cheesecloth bag, hang in your kitchen or refrigerator (depending on the temperature) over night to remove the whey and you are left with a creamy, soft cheese. 

Once strained, I added a cap full of Orange Blossom which can be found in most speciality food stores and a square of honey comb. Served with fruit or on sourdough with extra honey and bee pollen. it really is so versatile and all it takes is some yogurt and a bit of time or thyme....whatevs